A dental implant can replace a missing tooth or teeth. It is made up of two parts, a titanium screw that replaces the lost root, and is placed directly into the jawbone, and a crown that attaches to the screw and fills the missing tooth space.

After the implant screw is/ are placed it takes time for the jawbone to grow and integrate (fuse) to the implant screw. This can take a few months, and a 'healing cap' is usually placed onto the implant site to protect it.

Where do I get this treatment?

Talk to your dentist who will be happy to refer you to an experienced implantologist for assessment and treatment options.

Remember to ask:

  • exactly what treatment is proposed
  • what experience the dentist has in this work
  • the total cost of the treatment
  • what the alternatives are

Dental implants last a long time once placed and if maintained well.

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