Anti-wrinkle treatments

What are anti-wrinkle treatments?

Anti-wrinkle treatments can and is used to improve facial aesthetics, most commonly to smooth out wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes. It is also used in and around the lip area to enhance your smile. Anti-wrinkle treatments use botulinum toxin, a purified protein used in many medical and dental treatments.

When used to improve facial aesthetics it can take around three to ten days to notice smoother skin, and the effect can last up to three to six months depending on the person's lifestyle and how much was injected.

Is anti-wrinkle treatment safe?

Botulinum toxin A, which is most widely used by dental professionals has a superb safety record. Anti-wrinkle treatments are only temporary and last approximately three to six months, after this time repeat treatment will be required to maintain the anti-wrinkle effects.

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